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Site Instructions

We tried to keep the use and navigation of this site as simple as possible. In case you have questions about using the different services available through these pages you will find some easy to follow (we hope) instructions below. If you still have questions or doubts about operating this site, please contact us.

Use the color calculator in 4 easy steps

Step 1


Select the specific color space of your color data. Click on the list button and select the proper space. Remember that color data MUST refer to the proper color space to give useful results. Please refer to our Color FAQ and Color Links for more information about handling colors.

Step 2

Data #1  Data #2  Data #3


Insert the color values in the same order as they are stated in the selected color space (for example in XYZ space insert X first, Y second and Z third). If you access this page through a different service, RGB values (0 to 255) will probably be automatically inserted from the previous results.

Step 3



Select the proper illuminant (light condition) and observer of your color data. For your reference "Daylight" refers to the D65 illuminant, "Incandescent" to A and "Fluorescent" to F2 (D65, A and F2 are also available through the list and they refer to the same standards). If you do not know what illuminant and observer are, you are probably just trying to get quick RGB values or trying to calculate the LRV of your color. In this case leave the two selections to their default values (Daylight and 2). These are the standard conditions used in the standard RGB (sRGB) space and will do the job for you. Please refer to our Color FAQ and Color Links for more information about color science.

Step 4


Press the key to submit your data to the server. The following page will also contain your conversion results. The original color will be shown side by side with the closest Web-safe color (you can use it for your non dithering graphics). A complete list of converted data will be available for the most popular color spaces. The HTML and LRV values of the color are also calculated for your convenience.
If you used the Calculator to get RGB values from a different color space, you can click on the "Get commercial tints" and "Get color harmonies" links to directly access these services (RGB data will automatically appear on the selected page).


If you insert invalid or out of range color data the server will respond with a warning message. The warning message will contain a reference to the invalid or missed specific value, so please refer to this part of the message to figure out what is wrong. Insert correct data and press the START button again.


Create color harmonies in 2 easy steps

Match RGB values to commercial tints in 3 easy steps

Get RGB values of commercial tints in 3 easy steps

Monitor color calibration in 4 easy steps

Please take few minutes to check your system color configuration, find out how your computer or TV handles this site's colors.