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Subscription valid until 2017-03-01


Get Photoshop® color palettes

We can supply color database in various formats. One of the most popular requests is the Photoshop® palette/swatch files.
We have prepared a package containing all EasyRGB color measures in a set of compatible .ACO files.

Important note:
Be sure you know how to copy the ACO files in the right Photoshop directory before purchasing our database (see installation instructions below).
Also check that your installed Photoshop® version handles ACO files (very old versions do not).
If you are not sure, download this test ACO file (right click on this link to save the file in your disk) and copy it in the correct Photoshop folder (see below). This way you will be sure you can successfully download and install the EasyRGB files.

The package costs US$ 186,00
Purchase the ACO files collection now!

Installation instructions

  • The color database is provided as a ZIP file. It contains the full set of .ACO palette/swatch files.
  • After downloading the ZIP, extract all the files in the "\predefined\Color samples" directory of Photoshop (please check your installation as this directory can have different names in different languages and versions).
  • Once the .ACO files have been successfully copied to the correct directory, all color collections will be automatically available through Photoshop.
  • In Photoshop click on the Window menu -> Swatches and then click on the small arrow on the upper right side of the swatches window to select each color collection.

Special database formats (excel, csv, AutoCAD etc.) are available upon request. Contact us for more information.